Stop doing what I allowed you to do!

So I was driving home the other night, and, for some masochistic reason, stopped on our local wingnut radio station where there was some bargle-monger named Mark Levine whining a blue streak. In among the usual fretting about taxes and Obama forcing him to look at burqa-clad women at the mall, he blathered about how corporations are such schmucks for hiring undocumented workers and immigrants instead of good Americans. “I’m a free-market capitalist, not a crony capitalist!” was his excuse.

Well, I thought, first of all, you’re telling me you’re a fan of the free market, yet when it works like you want it to, you complain? Companies are hiring those people because they want to cut labor costs, and immigrants are just willing to work for less, as well as the fact that undocumented workers can be denied all sorts of benefits. Who’re they going to complain to – the feds? Plus, they’re likely desperate for a job, and, when you get someone in that position, you have a lot of power over them to begin with… not to mention they’ll put up with more to keep working. Americans insist on crazy things like vacations, health insurance, and overtime – what choice does a poor abused CEO have?

Okay, so you’re going to deal with this; how do you do it? Either rounding up immigrants or punishing companies is going to demand more action from the federal government, thus more power to the feds, as well as an increase in taxes to cover the expense. BUT – we can’t punish the corporations since we need to liberate them from regulations if we expect them to be successful! So do you therefore rely on self-policing, which is what we’re doing now (works so well, eh?)?

“Sealing off” the border will demand even more power to the feds, as well, as it would mean not only patrols but increased inspections at border crossings, more paperwork, more delays, and less cross-border trade as a result.

He wants it both ways – the government is evil and must be reined in, and yet must be given more power to fulfill his wishes. Corporations must be allowed to do whatever they want, free of restrictions, yet if the logic of the “free market” means hiring immigrants at cheaper wages it must be opposed. With constant doublethink like that, no wonder the man was upset and frustrated.


So it’s been a whole half-week since the President outlined his strategy on dealing with the ISIS situation, and while leveler heads have been willing to discuss Obama’s ideas and proffer some feedback on their merit, The Usual Suspects have been frothing at the mouth and falling over backward over the inevitable failure of something that hasn’t even started yet:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) did not hold back on Sunday in expressing his outrage at President Barack Obama’s refusal to send ground troops to confront ISIS, warning that the “gates of hell” would “spill out onto the world.”

“It’s going to take an army to beat an army, and this idea [that] we’ll never have any boots on the ground to defeat them in Syria is fantasy, and all this has come home to roost over the last three years of incompetent decisions,” Graham told Fox News host John Roberts. “It’s delusional in the way that they approach this.”

And if there’s anything Huckleberry knows, it’s “delusional”!

See, the great thing about formulating a strategy is that it’s a plan which can be amended or changed, not something graven in stone that can never be questioned. If ISIS truly begins to be a world threat in the future, we can act on it then.

Plus, even if it’s an “army”, where’s its ability to project power any further than Iraq/Syria? If it’s an entirely local threat, why are our allies in the Middle East refusing to deal with them? Maybe they know more than we do?

Back to the Grahamcracker:

The senior senator from South Carolina said that ISIS was similar to Nazi Germany, but instead of a master race, they were “a radical Islamic army that’s pushing the theory of a master religion.”

Oh, goddamnit, NOT AGAIN. Blah blah NAZIS blah blah conquest blah blah Islamofascism blah blah world threat blah blah argle bargle flibbety floo. WORST MENACE TO FREEDOM EVER (other than of course, Benghazi!).

And this man is a United States Senator. Once again, I feel it necessary to apologize to the rest of the country, and the world, that South Carolina keeps electing nutballs like this to represent us. *sigh*

I wouldn’t really worry, though, since one of Huckleberry’s peers has plans in place to keep us safe:

“The radical Islamists have 1.3 or more billion Muslims to work with,” the Iowa congressman said on The Steve Deace Show. “Now they aren’t all supporters… but that is a huge population to draw from,” he continued, suggesting that recruiters are “certainly in the United States,” particularly in mosques in Virginia and Minneapolis. “So they have a network that they flow in. And it isn’t that all Muslims are a supporter of ISIS but the network that flows through the mosques is certainly the communications centers. We ought to be looking at this dot to dot. And we ought to have people sitting in those mosques watching to see what’s going on,” he explained.

They hate us for our freedoms, so we’re going to keep getting rid of those freedoms. Brilliant, Mr. King. Brilliant. “They’re not all supporters, but hell, let’s act as if they are just in case!”

You’d think it was 2002 all over again.

We owe it to him, after all

Along about 2012, when Mitt Romney (aka Mittens) was running for President against Barack Obama (aka the Kenyan Marxist Usurper), I noted several times that it seemed to me as if Mittens was running a campaign predicated no so much on the philosophy that he was the best man for the job as the idea that he was entitled the Presidency if he wanted it, dammit, and the whole dubious process of having to convince the proles to vote for him was too vulgar for words. He was a CEO, after all! Workers don’t vote for CEOs; they just accept the change of leaders, shut up and keep working.

Well, this post over at Hullabaloo of a conversation between wingnut babbler Hugh Hewitt and Chuck “You didn’t say ‘Syria’!” Todd just doesn’t make me feel any better about the whole thing:

HH:  … I want to ask you the Politico question. In today’s Politico, Robert C. O’Brien and I write an article called Romney 3.0, Third Time’s A Charm. What do you think? Is it possible he’s going to get in?

CT: I think he only gets in if he’s drafted. I feel like that that’s the hint he’s been saying, and I’ve talked to some folks who know him very well. He is not going to go through a grueling primary campaign. He is not going to sit here and defend his conservative credentials again, go through schlepping around, allowing all these guys to take pot shots on him. I think he is open to this if it’s a draft movement, and if it’s sort of like everybody else doesn’t fit.

Now, I ask you – does that sound like someone who feels a need to go through the process? After all, since he didn’t get elected last time after everything he had to do – Answer questions! Travel around! Be criticized! – once again we owe him.  He’s not going to fill out an application and sit in a crappy plastic chair for an interview!

Which says to me that it’s a good thing he didn’t win last time, and would be a good thing if he’s passed over for the GOP nomination this time. With all the problems we’re having with democracy lately, the last damn thing we need is an Emperor.