Stop doing what I allowed you to do!

So I was driving home the other night, and, for some masochistic reason, stopped on our local wingnut radio station where there was some bargle-monger named Mark Levine whining a blue streak. In among the usual fretting about taxes and Obama forcing him to look at burqa-clad women at the mall, he blathered about how corporations are such schmucks for hiring undocumented workers and immigrants instead of good Americans. “I’m a free-market capitalist, not a crony capitalist!” was his excuse.

Well, I thought, first of all, you’re telling me you’re a fan of the free market, yet when it works like you want it to, you complain? Companies are hiring those people because they want to cut labor costs, and immigrants are just willing to work for less, as well as the fact that undocumented workers can be denied all sorts of benefits. Who’re they going to complain to – the feds? Plus, they’re likely desperate for a job, and, when you get someone in that position, you have a lot of power over them to begin with… not to mention they’ll put up with more to keep working. Americans insist on crazy things like vacations, health insurance, and overtime – what choice does a poor abused CEO have?

Okay, so you’re going to deal with this; how do you do it? Either rounding up immigrants or punishing companies is going to demand more action from the federal government, thus more power to the feds, as well as an increase in taxes to cover the expense. BUT – we can’t punish the corporations since we need to liberate them from regulations if we expect them to be successful! So do you therefore rely on self-policing, which is what we’re doing now (works so well, eh?)?

“Sealing off” the border will demand even more power to the feds, as well, as it would mean not only patrols but increased inspections at border crossings, more paperwork, more delays, and less cross-border trade as a result.

He wants it both ways – the government is evil and must be reined in, and yet must be given more power to fulfill his wishes. Corporations must be allowed to do whatever they want, free of restrictions, yet if the logic of the “free market” means hiring immigrants at cheaper wages it must be opposed. With constant doublethink like that, no wonder the man was upset and frustrated.

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