David Kurtz at Talking Points Memo has an article on the evolving nature of threats against President Obama, and finishes up with this:

But this is the first time that I’ve seen so clearly how the mostly failed racist rhetorical attacks against Obama morphed, at least in the minds of those crazy enough to openly threaten the President, into the government overreach attacks. It’s not his race that makes him unsuitable for the highest office, it’s his demonstrated disregard for the Constitution and American traditions. It’s his assault on America that justifies assaulting him. But you can’t help but notice how the evolution of the threats against him tracks with the evolving political attacks against him that we treat as mainstream and acceptable. It’s a dark place we’re in.

While it’s good that the threats based on race have been falling off, threats against government overreach are more worrying, because we’ve seen this kind of thing before.  I’ve been saying this over and over, but this reminds me of the 1994-1995 period under Clinton, with the ever-increasing rhetoric against the government and dark mutterings among the right on what might be necessary, ending up in a tragedy.

I hope I continue to be wrong about that concern.


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