Preventing the plague from crossing our designer borders

Oh, my. Morgan Brittany, who was once on Dynasty or Dallas or some such, has a new kip over at WorldNutDaily, where she’s farmed out some nice, putrid mangos:

I attended a dinner party this past weekend and was intrigued by the tone of the conversations that swirled around the room. There were, of course, the typical “fluff” conversations that were intended to lightly touch the surface of various subjects – but then there were conversations circling around Ebola and an underlying distrust of the government.

This was actually surprising to me, since I was in the heart of Los Angeles and these people were definitely not clinging to their “guns and religion.” The majority of them were upper middle class – baby boomers and “yuppies” who would never want to be thought of as conservative, but as more libertarian in their political views.

No, why, there’s no set of people more reasonable today than Libertarians, no.

Upon hearing this latest evidence of the incompetence permeating our government, the conversation veered into conspiracy territory. One of the men brought up the fact that Washington has known for months if not years that we were at risk for some sort of global pandemic. According to a government supplier of emergency products, the Disaster Assistance Response Team was told to be prepared to be activated in the month of October for an outbreak of Ebola.

Odd thing, that – apparently, when you look on-line for verification about that “be prepared” warning, the only places confirming it are those reliable journalists at InfoWars and their ilk. So, yeah, I’m calling “shenanigans” on that.

Recent polls show that there is a crisis of confidence among the people. When the people lose all trust in their government because of the lies they have been told over and over again, theories begin to emerge about all sorts of things. We desperately need someone to rebuild the trust and restore faith in this government. The damage that has been done is almost irreparable.

Sure, when there’s a lack of trust it leads to conspiracy theory, but we’re talking about people, after all, who never really had faith in the government in the first place, especially not in Obama. It’s not as if they can claim, after the birther BS, the IRS non-scandal, the “New Black Panthers”, the dark mutterings over the ACA, BENGHAZI!, and gun control nuttery, that now, with this revelation, this is what’s caused them to abandon their faith in Washington.

Secondly – for whatever reason, we have a burgeoning industry in this country in shopping every nutball conspiracy blather known to modern man – many of them being the very outlets repeating the false “outbreak coming in October” story Ms. Morgan referred to. You don’t need to presuppose loss of faith in government as a source for conspiracies when you have InfoWars, FAUX News, and, yes, WorldNetDaily uncritically repeating everything they hear for their audience of yahoos so “open-minded” that their skulls are hollow and they drag their brains around behind them like swollen tails.

Thirdly – and this is the crux of it – so many of the people who are now calling for fainting couches over the crimes of Obama are the very same ones who defended the previous Administration and its true crimes and failures – 9/11, WMDs, tax cuts for the rich, government surveillance, justifications for kidnapping and torture, Katrina. And have defended the GOP in their new festival of corruption and incompetence: restrictive election laws, government shutdown and sequestration, defense of Citizens United, and the wars on women, minorities and the poor. The only time the GOP is taken to task by this crowd is when, as in the amnesty issue, they’re viewed as being insufficiently cruel, shallow and punitive.

So pardon me if I detect the fine scent of merdre d’ taureau from this article, where the people who shit the bed complain about the mess and smell.






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