Planet of The Clocks

We’re all used to our bosses, The Clocks, the masters of our lives who determine when we do everything from sleeping to working to taking THEM PILS. But, now, in a great step forward for Western Civilization, your clock can now quote Bible verses at you!

According to the commercial I saw, this wonder of modern technology not only can wake you up with appropriate commands from JHVH-1, it can keep you from getting sad about news stories about war, and reconcile arguing spouses! IT KNOWS what to say, when! And, according to the commercial as well, minority individuals love it, because of course all Hispanics and African-Americans are Christians!

I assume if Drumpf, GOBBS FORBID, seizes power somehow these will be mandatory in all American homes.

Making a sort of lemonade

Coming into work after being off for a week due to an amazingly painful knee, I was confronted by this:


A christian pamphlet.. and a marker pen right next to it.

It spoke to me, dear friends; it touched a deep place inside me, indeed it did. This was no mere coincidence – it meant something.

I had to review my priorities. Would I live in the material world the entire time, obsessed only with the vulgar pursuit of money and worldly goods, or — would I let the religious possibilities into my heart?

I’m very glad to say that the spiritual did indeed win out, dear friends, and I gave myself over to the Spirit and let it move me for its own purpose.



Can I get an AMEN?