Sweet Jesus on toast.

I have a app for my Android phone called SmartNews, and I’m feeling it’s increasingly ill-named. The ads on the electric TV evidently tout its “voices from all sides”, but there’s an increasing number of right-wing articles in my feed and I have no idea how to get rid of them. They are from news sites with passive names like “The Bulwark”, “The Pluralist” and “The Daily Signal”, and the only way you can really winnow them out from other wingnuts like TheBlaze (which is all “HA HA DUMB LIBTARDS” all the time, even in headlines) is by clicking on them and reading the article – at which time it evidently becomes something “you’re interested in” and keeps showing up, even after you’ve realized they’re stealth conservatives.

This time it’s the Bulwark, with an article (no link, not gonna even) with a title something like “Green New Deal Reveals Dismal State of STEM Education” or some such. Click through, and it’s an article about how fuzzy-minded the stupid liberals who advocate for the GND are, not understanding The Real World and this must of course be due to the dismal state of STEM, for reasons.

Only thing is, this is from the same people who have spent DECADES destroying STEM and education in general, going back AT LEAST to 1963 when Richard Hofstadter first wrote Anti-intellectualism in American Life. They’ve celebrated the dumb and gullible, shit all over education, denounced intellectuals as “eggheads”, and generally made America stupider. I mean, look at what we have now – a President* who pulls his fucking pants down and rolls in his ignorance, while calling himself a genius. (Dunning-Kruger to the White Courtesy Phone, calling Dunning-Kruger…) The GOP has made itself the Party of Not-Science from their willful stupidity on global climate change, economics, sexuality, physics, chemistry, biology, genetics, and that’s just the beginning. They’ve destroyed public education, demeaned teachers, and shit all over higher education as a breeding ground for Communism. And now. AND NOW they’re all pissed off about a supposed lack of education on the part of GND advocates.

This is the usual pissy patronizing you get from the conservatives – “oh, you’ll wake up when you find the real world doesn’t fit your dreams” – only, the Democrats have been more oriented to science and technology than the GOP ever has, and it was a Democrat that brought us the Apollo Project. The article dismisses comparisons with that as “being for a discrete goal”, i.e. landing on the Moon, ignoring the massive level of research on everything that had to be done to take humanity from simple orbital capsules to a Moon landing in a single decade. The GND has a discrete goal – solving global climate change and instituting a more sensible economy – but it’s not one the wingnuts want to hear, so they pretend it’s “aimless”, the way they always do when they’d rather not listen. (Occupy movement, anyone?) I’ve said for years that we need a new New Deal/National Recovery Act which could put people to work in everything from playwriting to rebuilding infrastructure to mass WiFi access to architecture, as the original did. Is that not “discrete” enough?

And what spinoffs might come from research and development into Green power generation and transportation? You get the feeling that these assholes mention the Mahanttan Project and Apollo not because of the intellectual challenge, but the fact that MANLY MEN supposedly were doing MANLY things in the pursuit. The Green New Deal isn’t evidently MANLY enough for them. No missiles. No bombs. Just benefit to the world. And that’s not enough for The Bulwark.

Stop doing what I allowed you to do!

So I was driving home the other night, and, for some masochistic reason, stopped on our local wingnut radio station where there was some bargle-monger named Mark Levine whining a blue streak. In among the usual fretting about taxes and Obama forcing him to look at burqa-clad women at the mall, he blathered about how corporations are such schmucks for hiring undocumented workers and immigrants instead of good Americans. “I’m a free-market capitalist, not a crony capitalist!” was his excuse.

Well, I thought, first of all, you’re telling me you’re a fan of the free market, yet when it works like you want it to, you complain? Companies are hiring those people because they want to cut labor costs, and immigrants are just willing to work for less, as well as the fact that undocumented workers can be denied all sorts of benefits. Who’re they going to complain to – the feds? Plus, they’re likely desperate for a job, and, when you get someone in that position, you have a lot of power over them to begin with… not to mention they’ll put up with more to keep working. Americans insist on crazy things like vacations, health insurance, and overtime – what choice does a poor abused CEO have?

Okay, so you’re going to deal with this; how do you do it? Either rounding up immigrants or punishing companies is going to demand more action from the federal government, thus more power to the feds, as well as an increase in taxes to cover the expense. BUT – we can’t punish the corporations since we need to liberate them from regulations if we expect them to be successful! So do you therefore rely on self-policing, which is what we’re doing now (works so well, eh?)?

“Sealing off” the border will demand even more power to the feds, as well, as it would mean not only patrols but increased inspections at border crossings, more paperwork, more delays, and less cross-border trade as a result.

He wants it both ways – the government is evil and must be reined in, and yet must be given more power to fulfill his wishes. Corporations must be allowed to do whatever they want, free of restrictions, yet if the logic of the “free market” means hiring immigrants at cheaper wages it must be opposed. With constant doublethink like that, no wonder the man was upset and frustrated.