We owe it to him, after all

Along about 2012, when Mitt Romney (aka Mittens) was running for President against Barack Obama (aka the Kenyan Marxist Usurper), I noted several times that it seemed to me as if Mittens was running a campaign predicated no so much on the philosophy that he was the best man for the job as the idea that he was entitled the Presidency if he wanted it, dammit, and the whole dubious process of having to convince the proles to vote for him was too vulgar for words. He was a CEO, after all! Workers don’t vote for CEOs; they just accept the change of leaders, shut up and keep working.

Well, this post over at Hullabaloo of a conversation between wingnut babbler Hugh Hewitt and Chuck “You didn’t say ‘Syria’!” Todd just doesn’t make me feel any better about the whole thing:

HH:  … I want to ask you the Politico question. In today’s Politico, Robert C. O’Brien and I write an article called Romney 3.0, Third Time’s A Charm. What do you think? Is it possible he’s going to get in?

CT: I think he only gets in if he’s drafted. I feel like that that’s the hint he’s been saying, and I’ve talked to some folks who know him very well. He is not going to go through a grueling primary campaign. He is not going to sit here and defend his conservative credentials again, go through schlepping around, allowing all these guys to take pot shots on him. I think he is open to this if it’s a draft movement, and if it’s sort of like everybody else doesn’t fit.

Now, I ask you – does that sound like someone who feels a need to go through the process? After all, since he didn’t get elected last time after everything he had to do – Answer questions! Travel around! Be criticized! – once again we owe him.  He’s not going to fill out an application and sit in a crappy plastic chair for an interview!

Which says to me that it’s a good thing he didn’t win last time, and would be a good thing if he’s passed over for the GOP nomination this time. With all the problems we’re having with democracy lately, the last damn thing we need is an Emperor.